Acquisition agent

Becoming a more successful acquisition agent

As an acquisition agent, there’s no doubt it’s becoming more difficult to find and get your hands on the properties and land your business wants. As prices continue to climb, there are more that fall outside of budgets, and many without the right facilities for the wrong price. 

When you find the ideal property, it’s subject to intense competition from other companies and people in the industry. So, how can you make sure you land more deals? The truth is, you need to work smarter, not harder, and become more productive without having to go overboard with the hours you put in.


Competition for land can be fierce and often isn’t a fair fight. Think about how you usually find out about new opportunities. You have your contacts, and the power to do your own research, but so does everyone else. There is nothing giving you an edge over your competitors. In this case, it’s time to network. When people are looking to sell land, or when they hear of land that may suit your needs, you want your company to be the first one they think of. They might tip you off. And, if they ever decide they are looking for an acquisitions manager, you might just get their business. 

Networking is a win-win situation, with something in it for everyone, and the best part is, it can be fun. The property industry is packed with socials and networking lunches, brunches, and evenings where you can meet like-minded people and potential partners who may be able to help you get a step up, and you may be able to help them in turn. 

But don’t forget about social media. There has never been an easier way to network than with services like LinkedIn. It’s cheap, fast, and effective and connects you with millions of people, not just enough to fill a room. Two professionals join LinkedIn every second.

Be organised

Being organised is critically important if you don’t want to miss out on opportunities simply because you forgot about them, or misplaced the information, and mixed your dates up. It’s simple advice, but it’s shocking how many acquisition agents fail simply because they can’t keep their properties and diary in order. 

Some of the simplest tips to stay organised include writing a task list each day and sticking to it, turning the notifications off on your phone to stay task focused, having a planner, and making sure your desk is clean. These are pretty basic tips. 

It’s more likely you’ll benefit from a more advanced approach, such as introducing automation into your company. This will filter out any minute tasks that cut into your time and scatter your brain, allowing you to focus on the tasks that really matter. With more time on your hands to spend doing the most important tasks, you’ll soon find you spend a lot more time closing real estate deals. 

The answer to both better networking and better organisation lies in technology. As the world of proptech develops, it’s becoming easier to get ahead as an acquisition agent.

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