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Agent Hub is the only CRM system with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) dedicated to property in the UK. By helping professionals in the property sector organise their work, connect with other professionals, reach a wider audience, and close more deals, Agent Hub is already changing the way the property sector operates. 

As a fully cloud-based service, you can access the system from any computer, mobile, or tablet. This makes it perfect for in-office and field-working teams who can share information in real time. Tailor this service to your individual needs with over 1,800 apps available when you join the Agent Hub community.

Why use Agent Hub?

Agent Hub is the property sector’s answer to an increasing need for innovative technology to boost performance and efficiency. The extensive range of features allows you to:

Increase your Sales

As a marketing and organisational tool, Agent Hub opens your business to more collaboration as well as a larger client base. With email marketing and social networking sites built into the platform, you can promote your business with ease. And, with unlimited referrals, others in the property sector can help you reach the top.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve your customer service with Agent Hub. Our software helps you respond faster to clients, filter out irrelevant messages for a focused service, support your customer base with Salesforce, and make staff more productive.

Turn consumers into customers

With Agent Hub, you can mobilise your team and create powerful campaigns. We make sure you can combine email, mobile, and social media marketing with websites and IP-addressable products to deliver effective campaigns.

Who uses Agent Hub?

Designed specifically for property professionals, Agent Hub connects everyone in the industry, no matter your role. If you’re in property, Agent Hub can revolutionise the way you work.

Our Users

Powered by Salesforce

Powered by Salesforce

The Agent Hub is powered by Salesforce, a world-leading CRM, so you can enjoy powerful, uninterrupted performance.

1,800+ Apps

Need a little extra boost? We have over 1,800 apps available on the AppExchange Marketplace that can extend the power of Agent Hub to meet your exact requirements.

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