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    Custom Website Templates
    11 months agoopen0
    Would like to see custom website templates that we can link to the CRM.
  • 3
    Whats App CRM integration from website to database
    11 months agoopen1
    Could we include WhatsApp as an integration in future releases of Agent Hub. A lot of our clients use WhatsApp, and it also brings an element of they're real as chatbots etc can be fake. Another way of improving our service to customers.
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    The Lead Bank - (An In-depth view of all applicants)
    9 months agoopen0
    The Lead bank will manage all applicants coming in from your portals, lead gen sites and portals. The Lead bank has an autoresponder with 7 qualifications questions which will; Alert the user when a new applicant has come in Specify what type of contact and applicant they're likely to be Create the applicant and their requirement based on the properties they've shown interest in Show other properties that you may have available that match their requirements by % Show you the answer's to their qualification questions Notify the user when their applicants go from un-qualified to qualified and suggest the next best action based on their answers Send text messages and WhatsApps from the lead bank The final section for the lead bank is to show you the strength of portals and lead generators and show you how beneficial they're to you financially. IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU FEEL YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE FROM A LEAD BANK PLEASE DO COMMENT BELOW
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    Dummy status update for the portals/website (temporary status changes)
    9 months agoopen0
    This would give you the ability to quickly change the status of the property on any portal and/or website without it compromising the status in the system. You would use this as part of a negotiation to temporarily remove a property or show this property as under offer. IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU FEEL YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE FROM A LEAD BANK PLEASE DO COMMENT BELOW
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    Sales progression
    9 months agoopen0
    Having the ability to update all parties involved in the transaction when updating our milestones on the vendor's side and on the purchaser's side. This would be by SMS/Whatsapp/email. IF THERE IS SOMETHING THAT YOU FEEL YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE FROM A LEAD BANK PLEASE DO COMMENT BELOW
  • -1
    Stamp Duty Auto Calculation
    11 months agoopen0
    It would be good if you could automatically work out the SDLT on a property and send that to an applicant.
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