Property professionals

Rising UK property demand presents opportunity for property professionals

Demand for both purchasing properties and rentals is increasing statistics show. This presents an opportunity for property professionals to expand their business.

Data shows that rents agreed on new tenancies across the UK, excluding London, increased by 2.3% over the three months to the end of July compared to the same period in 2015. Rents in London experienced an even larger increase, rising by 4%, as demand for rental properties continued to outstrip supply.

In terms of purchasing real estate, demand during the first quarter of 2016 expanded by 3% across Britain. London, despite traditionally driving the property market, experienced a 2% fall. The demand presents new opportunities for property professionals seeking to grow their customer base and access new sources of income.

What we think

Ashley Mckella, Director of Agent Hub, said, “Rising demand from consumers gives all property professionals a chance to further develop their business proposition and seize new lucrative, opportunities. Connecting and collaborating with other like-minded property experts to learn about upcoming rental properties and real estate is one way to stay ahead of the competition and maintain an edge in the fast-paced sector of property.”

Agent Hub is a new platform powered by Salesforce. With a multi-listing service (MLS) feature and customer relationship management (CRM) tool it can help property professionals streamline their business. They can store all of the information they need in a single, accessible place.

The platform is available to anyone working in the sector, including housing associations, local councils, letting agents and mortgage brokers. Other features on Agent Hub, which costs £99 per month for a main licence, includes customisable reports, task and event tracking and syncing with Outlook accounts.

Users will also benefit from the innovative chat feature, enabling them to connect and share information with other professionals. Combined the features aim to support those working in the industry to improve both their sales and customer satisfaction.

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