Networking could help property professionals as housing prices dip following Brexit

It’s no surprise that average house prices in the UK dipped slightly following the Brexit vote. Since that point, the industry has wondered what could be done to combat this. In our opinion, networking can go a long way in making a difference.

Figures show that house prices fell 1% month-on-month following the Brexit results, with the average home standing at £214,678. The decline was the third that year and offset the 1.2% increase in June. While the dip wasn’t a significant fall, it emphasised the uncertainty in the property market after the vote.

With doubts around property prices continuing, Agent Hub, an online platform that makes cross-industry collaboration easier, is urging property professionals to network in order to secure new opportunities and lines of revenue.

Network it out

Ashley Mckella, Director of Agent Hub, said, “Networking within the real estate and wider property market is an excellent way for professionals to learn about upcoming work and build long-term partnerships that could advance their careers and property business. A successful property transaction involves many different parties from across the industry. Strong collaboration can give an advantage to all the different players in the short and long term.”

Agent Hub is an innovative online platform, fully optimised for mobile devices, that connects property professionals. Through the platform, users can instantly share information, chat with other industry experts, and learn about new opportunities. Agent Hub includes an online multi-listing service (MLS) and a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. With these, professionals can boost both their revenue and customer satisfaction.

The platform is suitable for all those working in property, including real estate and letting agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, local councils, and housing associations.

Agent Hub is the only UK wide networking platform based in the cloud with multiplatform functions for professionals working in the property industry. If you would like to know more about our service, please get in touch.