Property professional

A day inside the mind of a property professional – can you relate?

If you took a survey and approached any property professional with the question, “What does a standard day look like to you?” it’s highly likely that you would be greeted with a silent eye-roll and a stifled laugh.

While the roles of experts may vary, if you peel away the top layer of a job title – whether that individual be a property manager, an estate or letting agent, a property valuer, or a developer – you’ll find all roles have the same core focus points, with no two days looking the same.

So what does make up the average day of a property professional?


Outsiders looking in would expect the most important factor in the property market to be property itself. On the contrary; dealing with people is the number one priority on a property experts agenda.

Whether it’s taking yet another call from a tenant wondering why he can’t move his three adopted cats in, or the landlord who won’t sign off on the repair work with the approved and recommended tradesmen that the expert spent so much time on gathering quotes, there are no doubts that a majority of the day is spent handling people, whether it be in the office or on the phone.


If there’s one thing property professionals do, it’s a lot of driving. Lots and lots of driving. Driving to the office to start the day, driving to valuations, driving to meetings with clients, driving to inspection after inspection, driving to meet photographers. It’s safe to say the average property expert will spend a huge chunk of their day staring at tail lights.


When not speaking with clients, tradesman, or being on the road, a tower of paperwork beckons the property expert. In addition to this, there are always team meetings to attend as well as contracts to handle, alongside dealing with photographs, listings, feedback from inspections,  so on and so forth.

Does this sound like your day?

When Agent Hub launched, we took into account the typical day of a property expert and considered all the challenges they face. We wanted to combine the solution that approached these difficult tasks head-on, as well as providing an opportunity to capitalise on the competitive market by instead encouraging collaboration in order to increase sales.

To achieve this we had to create software which streamlines daily processes. We wanted a system that would assist with the relationship building of both clients and partner tradesmen with ease. We needed a simple platform to organise meetings, viewings, inspections and valuations, and a central system that allowed the whole office to work together as a team, whether out on the road, working from home, or in the office.

Why not give us a try to see how we can simplify your day? With our 100% free trial, you can sample our cloud-based software system easily with nothing to download. You can register here.