Agent Hub

Who we are and where we’ve been: the Agent Hub story

We had several goals we wanted to achieve when we started Agent Hub in 2016. The first was to rise to the challenge of becoming business owners, something that can either make or break a partnership. For us, the creation of Agent Hub was the start of something beautiful, not just for ourselves, but for the UK’s property industry as a whole. What followed were more goals and objectives. Some were reached, and some are still in the works. But all the while, we are creating and improving a cutting edge, helpful service.

Revolutionising the property industry

One of Agent Hub’s main goals was to shake up the way the property industry does business for the better. Being successful in this industry means being able to work with many different professionals from different parties, from letting and real estate agents to mortgage brokers. We wanted to create a platform where connecting with these individuals, and finding new opportunities, is as simple as logging onto the internet. That’s what Agent Hub’s service does.

In a world where businesses are always set to compete against one another, Agent Hub provides a safe place where companies and professionals can collaborate and open opportunities for one another. You get a chance to hear about opportunities before they hit the market, create long-term partnerships, get inspiration, and add revenue streams.

Make a positive difference

Ultimately, Agent Hub wants to create positive change in the property sector but also in our communities. That’s why in celebration of our new app hitting the Salesforce AppExchange, we are hosting Box Off, an annual charity boxing event, to raise money for children with walking ailments, disabilities, and lower limb conditions like talipes.

The Event

Box Off is an excellent opportunity for property professionals to make a difference in children’s lives. All money raised will go towards helping children like our daughter Jaida get the help and care they need for conditions that try to hold them back. By buying a ticket to Box Off, you won’t just be helping children like our daughter; it will also be a fantastic marketing and networking event for your calendar so get your Christmas best ready and get a ticket now via Eventbrite.

Standard tickets cost £20, but if you want to go all out, why not purchase our special VIP package. For £499, you and nine others will get special VIP ringside seating, champagne for the table, and delicious canapes and food platters throughout the night. It will be the perfect office Christmas night out, and you’ll be right next to all the action.

In the run-up to this unmissable event, we will be posting more information regarding our app release and Box Off, so make sure to keep an eye out by following our blog!