Why we should encourage property professionals to collaborate more

Closing a deal on a property takes a collaborative effort from many different parties operating in a variety of areas. Online platform Agent Hub has devised a seamless, cutting-edge solution with a unique tool designed to make cross-industry collaboration easier and more effective than ever. Professionals operating in the property industry can connect through the Salesforce-powered Agent Hub using an online multi-listing service (MLS) and innovative live chat feature. The online social network uses cloud-based software allowing professionals to instantly share information that could lead to business opportunities, commission, and long-term partnerships.

With Agent Hub, professionals can collaborate with other like-minded individuals, including estate and letting agents, local councils, housing associations, mortgage brokers, and solicitors. Through networking with other industry professionals, users can grow their business and reach a wider customer base. The platform allows users to increase their available listings and maximise their property rentals and sales, increasing both revenue and customer satisfaction.

A wealth of features

The live chat and MLS, coupled with a customer relationship management (CRM) feature, means property professionals can have all their resources in one place, streamlining business.

Ashley Mckella, Managing Director of Agent Hub, said, “Agent Hub is the future of social networking for property professionals. Our range of features and user-friendly interface means those working in the property sector can access new opportunities and business today. Connecting with other property professionals can give individuals an edge in today’s competitive market by improving customer satisfaction and ensuring they are the first to know about any new developments.”

Agent Hub is the only UK-wide networking platform based in the cloud with multiplatform functions for property professionals. The networking service is available on both mobile and tablet, allowing property experts to conduct business on the go. The cloud-based service means documents and sensitive data can be shared with connections securely and immediately.

Agent Hub includes the Agent Hub chat, customisable reports, Salesforce identity and private AppExchange, task and event tracking and workflow and approval automation. If you would like to know more, feel free to get in touch.