Agent Hub’s CRM is powered by the world’s number one customer management system, Salesforce. This works in conjunction with the MLS, providing property professionals with even more resources all in one place.

With both the cloud-based CRM and the MLS in place, The Agent Hub is the perfect system for property professionals, brokers and agents working on residential and commercial projects all over the UK.


Agent Hub lets you connect with to your customers and manage your listings and contacts in one place. With the CRM, you can engage new audiences and develop meaningful relationships with your clients in the easiest way possible.

Social Media

With our social media functionality, you can create and share content to grow your audience and discover new leads. Our Our smart social monitoring tools will sift through billions of messages and deliver the relevant ones directly to you too, and you can easily respond to messages from Twitter, Facebook and your other social channels from within Agent Hub.

Email Marketing

With our email marketing software, you can keep your sales communications on-target and on-message. Agent Hub lets you personalise the built-in email templates to save time and ensure consistency, and to follow up at the right time with automatic delivery tracking. You can even manage campaign spending and performance all in one place.

Chatter Feature

With Hub Chat, you can engage in live chat with your team or others involved in a transaction. This feature improves communication by creating a group for each sale, and update sellers or buyers in real time. Connect employees, customers and partners. You can even share files with sellers and buyers directly with the touch of a button.