Five ways Agent Hub is enhancing the technology you use

In our summer release on Thursday 30th September, we highlighted the latest products that are offered through Agent Hub and how these addons can help to improve your work life. This involved developers, integration companies and clients all coming together to share their thoughts on the innovations while getting an insight into what Agent Hub has planned. Mal McCallion, CEO of Growtion, highlighted the need for these enhancements with technology suggesting, while speaking as part of the panel, that “technology is nothing without implication”. And Agent Hub is trying to get to the point of this implication. Below are the five main points that our partners and clients think you need to know when it comes to the progression of this technology.

  1. Never worry about automation or trying too hard to differentiate between your competitors again:

Two of our clients Steven Beercocks of Beercocks Estate Agents and Josh Godfery of Oakwood Estates joined a panel discussion to talk about where they felt that the real estate industry was heading. With both companies being focused on ease and customer satisfaction the resounding answer was that they want “more time to do the more important work” such as checking up on clients and having face to face meetings (when they’ve allowed) which brings a focus on that personal connection again. The need for personalisation was prominent and with Agent Hub allowing the customisation of companies personal CRM means that you don’t have to look at your competitors and see similarities, instead you can focus on your uniqueness.

2. Everyone and Everything is connected:

One of our integration platforms who also joined us on our panel was DayBack. John Sindlar, who is the CEO of DayBack, prides himself on bringing the personal and the professional together to ensure you “truly understand your schedule”. Sindlar went on to say that “it’s not a poster, it is the game”. It is a place where you have the capacity and confidence to make promises … and keep them. This is one of our highly anticipated integrations that allows you to control your time, so you no longer question your scheduling and ensure that there is no confusion between your most important moments.

3. Real data, in the real world:

Sam Hunter joined from Homesearch, another one of Agent Hub’s integration partners, to talk about the importance of data and how the extra market research can utilise your company’s time. This allows you to have information on the houses you are attempting to put on the market. As well as never having to tell a customer you do not have what they’re looking for, as you can access and see other houses in their price range, in specific areas, whose owners may just need a little persuading. Hunter highlighted that “every house is on the market, it’s just the really motivated one’s with the for-sale sign outside”. And with 29 million addresses in their logbook, I’m sure this will peak your interest.

4. Have educated and informed discussions with clients without having to do as much of the leg work:

Amy Shields from Sprift joined to discuss the need for a “single source of truth” which highlighted the necessity for informed clients. Shields promises through Sprift there will be one place and one login for all information. Through the integration with Agent Hub there will also be “up front information” and easy to use application. This highlights the need for data and begs to question whether you can ever have too much data? (Especially when in the property industry)

5. We’ll build what you want, not what we need:

Agent Hub wants to hear from you! Not only are we giving you the chance to have a say towards the development ideas that we review, but we also want you to vote on other people’s ideas. This allows for us to view new innovative ideas and put them to the test. While also allowing for you to have your say in the next level of customisation for Agent Hub. Head to the IdeaHub to have your say!

These addons to the CRM platform help locate new opportunities, as the data helps your agents find a new level of personalisation. If you feel that any of these would make your working life that bit easier book a demo here and see what Agent Hub can do for you!

We’d be more than happy to help you find your perfect CRM customisation.