Productivity image surrounding integration of businesses.

Why is integration so important to business?

With the property market regaining momentum these past couple of months the time spent on customers and viewings has increased accordingly. This means that time wasting within your business needs to be at an all time low. With the digital landscape of the modern day, these specific margins can be decreased using technical perspectives as well as the personal day to day. Thus, there is a need for an insight into integration, how this can improve services for your customers and increase your business’s growth.

Integration through different software may be harder to grasp as it is more than just connecting different apps but instead the software must aid you by working seamlessly together to build those better connections. To keep ahead of the curve, your systems and applications must work synchronously. Below are a few ways that Integration can help boost your business.

  1. Providing simplified interaction:

Not only does integration mean that you can flick through and search different applications without having to leave your CRM, but the connections are also stronger. If you are having trouble with a specific section of the CRM you can find peace in being able to contact one person rather than multiple to fix the problem. This simplified interaction has been complimented for saving clients time and allowing them to focus on the more important aspects of their business.

2. AppExchange:

The phrase ‘at the click of your fingers’ may be cliché but there are no words more fitting. Integration allows for you to see all the different businesses you could have on your software without having to search for them yourself. This means you may come across your new favourite application or find that one business you used back in 2015 that you forgot the name of.  

3. Security:

Using multiple different sites, separately, with multiple different logins can cause, not only, confusion but a higher possibility of a security breach. However, an integrated software allows for securer encryption while also making it easier to protect your data

4. Employee Productivity:

You may think that you are already getting the most out of your employees, but could you be wrong? The higher levels of productivity come when there is a more focused vision on what the day looks like this may also include admin that realistically isn’t a priority. Through system and business integration there would be less time wasted on unnecessary admin. You have everything in one place, easy to send/receive and with low levels of risk thus, less mistakes.

Integration is used in so many different industry’s that this is a no brainer. A heightened, interactive business module that allows for low-maintenance flexibility.  So, if you’re looking to improve your business whether that be through customers, growth or security, integration is the way forward.

Integration is about figuring out new ways to function seamlessly together.

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