The different elements of technology and AI

Einstein: Artificial Intelligence

Everyone is always looking for ways to seem smarter and access larger pools of opportunity, although this normally takes a lot of research. However, Einstein is now making this easier to achieve. Salesforce has created their very own Artificial Intelligence (AI) for CRM, which is labelled as “the only comprehensive one so far”, and offers a true look into the future of the property industry and CRM. Salesforce claims that through this addition you can become an “AI-first company” with Einstein having the ability to help you “anticipate next opportunities and exceed customer needs”. It also has the capability of being “proactive by resolving cases before they happen” and as the AI continues to learn it will only produce more accurate responses.

Since its launch in 2016, Einstein has gained over 40 different features making it even easier for professionals to become part of the AI world and access all the benefits it provides. If that isn’t an already incredibly exciting move, Salesforce highlights that you don’t need to do any data preparation or manage models as it is integrated into many of their products. Salesforce even promises that this is “with clicks, not code”, so there’s no need to be a tech genius to make this innovative product work for you.

The Einstein AI provides a unified consumer experience as it offers multiple features that allow for different sections of your business to work seamlessly together. With the intelligence layer being divided into two categories: “for Salesforce users (Commerce, Marketing, Service, Sales, Search) and for admins and developers (vision, language, translation, optical character recognition, prediction builder, discover, next best action)”. So not only will Einstein be able to connect to your customer and sales information, it will connect to the likes of Siri and Alexa as well as your email account. This works to give overviews of what your day consists of or even provide updates on different customers while also collecting data to help you provide the best service possible.

No segment of the business is left out of this AI experience and the property industry can now move forward with other AI integrations such as social media personal feeds, Face ID, and search engines.  

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