Agent Hub is the only UK Multiple Listing System (MLS) that lets you connect and collaborate with other property professionals and agents online.

We tailored the world-leading Salesforce software to bring Agent Hub to the world of property and help those in the industry build stronger connections and businesses. Our software comes with a range of features designed to improve your collaboration and re-imagine the way you find new business. Agent Hub does this using a range of impressive features.

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This social feature helps you connect, collaborate, and grow your property business, offering real-time information sharing, 24 hours a day. Using your personalised profile data, you can connect with your peers and Agent Hub’s recommended relevant connections to help you find business and close more deals. Your team will be on the same page, anytime, anywhere, making seamless communication simple.


You won’t only connect with like-minded peers through Agent Hub, you’ll connect with customers and have a way to manage your listings and contacts in one organised place. CRM allows you to engage new audiences and build lasting relationships with clients at the click of a button.

With our social media feature, you can create engaging content, grow your audience, share others’ content, and discover new leads. Our email marketing feature also helps you reach more people and close more deals. Our smart social monitoring tool will sift through the masses of messages you receive and only deliver the relevant ones directly to you. You can easily respond through Twitter, Facebook, and your other social channels from within Agent Hub.


Our unique MLS system brings together estate agents, finance brokers, lawyers, local councils, surveyors, and other professionals in the property industry. In this huge property melting pot, you’ll find new partnerships, clients, and ideas that will help you generate sales and organise your business opportunities, all while improving your customer service.

We understand all property companies have unique needs and different ways of working. This is why we have over 1,800 additional plugins and add-ons to help build your perfect Agent Hub experience, tailored to your requirements.

Our MLS helps you help others. When you’re contacted by people whose interests sit outside your jurisdiction, you can log on to Agent Hub and find someone who can help. Every time you do, you’ll receive compensation in the form of a referral fee, and you’ll rest easy knowing you provide a rounded service to clients and potential customers.


The Agent Hub app delivers everything the desktop version does. So whether you are in the office or on the road, you’ll be able to access every feature. This gives you and your staff the flexibility to work how you choose, allowing you to save time and work efficiently.

Agent Hub offers your property company:

Access to network and professional directory

Buyer request list

Accounts and contacts

Task and event tracking

Customisable reports

Profiles and page layouts

Salesforce identity

Salesforce private AppExchange

Outlook sync

Salesforce1 mobile app

Content library

Workflow and approval automation

Land registry information

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