Agent Hub is the UK’s first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed exclusively for the property sector. Our revolutionary technology is the only CRM to operate a multi-service listing and is open to everyone in the industry.

Whether you’re a field-based rep or an office-based agent, you can log into the cloud-based service from anywhere, allowing you and your colleagues to share vital information that helps you generate leads and close deals. Agent Hub is already changing the way British property companies do business by building a community among UK property professionals.

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How it Works

We created this industry-changing software using the world-leading Salesforce platform, bringing you a scalable, customisable, and adaptable service. We designed our software to foster collaboration, networking, and growth by connecting like-minded individuals in the property sector. Together, you can find new opportunities, projects, clients, and partners, and open doors for your business.

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About us

In 2016, partners Ashley and Jade McKella launched Agent Hub. They noticed that while many other sectors were revolutionising the way they work, the property industry was lagging. There was a wealth of untapped potential and efficiency that was keeping many companies from achieving the massive levels of success of which they were capable.

Agent Hub was their answer to these problems. It is filled with features that allow mobile and in-office staff to share marketing materials, manage contacts, communicate through text and email, and talk in real time through a live chat system. There is no better way to work in property.

Working for Agent Hub

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Agent Hub is growing fast, and as we change the face of the property industry, our team changes with us. If you want to work in property and have a mind focused on improving the way people work, there has never been a better time to join us. We’re looking for professionals to work in several exciting roles, so get in touch and send us a copy of your CV.

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