A new platform for estate agents to network with each other has been launched in the UK.

Called AgentHub, it claims to be the UK’s first platform featuring both a multi-listing service and a customer relationship management tool.

It describes itself as a “new and exciting concept that has been designed by property experts for property experts.”

Built on top of Salesforce CRM software, the platform is touted as “suitable for anyone working within the property sector, including estate and letting agents, mortgage brokers, solicitors, relocation agents and acquisition agents”.

Agent Hub director Ashley Mckella said: “Property hunting is notoriously a disheartening and frustrating process. Endless visits to multiple agents, mortgage brokers and solicitors will no doubt ring true for many that have gone through the buying process. Agent Hub is designed to give property professionals a platform for collaboration through property sharing and networking, leading to better customer satisfaction.”

Mckella added that their journey “has been incredibly rewarding to see Agent Hub’s transformation from a nugget of inspiration to the professional platform that we have created today”.

At a cost of £99 per month + £49 per month for each additional member of staff, the software breaks with the tradition of charging per branch (or by property volume as is the case with non-traditional agencies on Rightmove).

Existing UK MLS platform include the likes of Lonres and INEA. Agents can get a demo of the new service at